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Archive for December 2012

A Refreshing Twist on New Year’s Resolutions

Darlene Kirtley, MS LPC

I was in a hotel gift shop recently admiring the pretty jewelry and handbags when the woman who worked there struck up a conversation with me. Her enthusiasm was delightful as we marveled at the workmanship and colors of some of the trinkets. Then she made a comment that changed my perspective on New Year’s resolutions forever. She said “I’d like to start wearing bracelets more often for my New Year’s resolution.” A New Year’s resolution that is fun and light?! Why not?! For the most part, my resolutions have been deeply thought-out and meant to create some sort of important change in my life. Something reasonable, responsible, and let’s face it–boring and hard to follow. It had never occurred to me to make a resolution that was just plain fun! Ironically, I see the significant value in that. Adding more fun and joy into our lives is a very nurturing and enriching thing to do, and is just as important as those stodgy resolutions to drink more water and exercise regularly. This year, I resolve to have fun, to play more and to splurge on something I absolutely don’t need! As I contemplate the phrase Happy New Year, I notice the key word is “happy” not “thoughtful” or “responsible” or “boring” so why not come up with some fun and quirky resolutions for yourself this year?

Happy New Year!

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