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Understanding Your Dreams: Part 1-Identifying Different Types of Dreams


Darlene Kirtley 5/21/11


We spend many years of our lives dreaming, but what exactly are we accomplishing during our dreamtime?  Some say dreamtime is a way for our minds to download and de-clutter our mental computer.  Some believe dreams are deeply meaningful and spiritual events.  Others believe dreams convey messages from our subconscious that touch upon what is too threatening to accept into our conscious awareness. Still others believe dreaming is nothing but the random firing of neurons while we sleep.


I believe dreaming can be all of these and more.  Not all dreams are created equal.  There are many different types of dreams– ranging from the relatively meaningless to the deeply profound.  Here are some of the different types of dreams:


Daily Residue—These dreams are made up of mental clutter from our day.  They usually do not result in a clear image or strong emotion.  We are most likely to forget these types of dreams because they are so random and lacking in depth.


Recurring—This is a dream you’ve had at least once before.  We have recurring dreams when we are going through a similar circumstance as when we had the dream before.  We can have recurring dreams when there is some message that we are not getting.  Once the message is received into the conscious, we usually will no longer have that dream.


Problem-Solving—So many inventions, musical compositions, solutions to mathematical problems, as well as solutions to engineering, medical, social, and other problems have been received in dreams.  Dreamtime can be a valuable tool for problem-solving.  To make use of this resource, contemplate your problem before going to sleep and set your intention to receive a solution in your dreams.  You may wake up with a clear answer and memory of a vivid dream, or perhaps a  vague certainty of the best course of action, the next step.


Nightmare—These can occur when we are stressed out or dealing with some difficult matters in our lives.


Wish Fulfillment—Sometimes we have a “really good dream” in which we did something we really enjoyed, visited with someone we missed, etc.


Pre-cognitive—Sometimes we have a dream that tells us information we couldn’t have been privy to otherwise, or something that proves to be true in the future.


Lucid—These type of dreams are very rare!  Not very many people have experienced lucid dreaming and of those who do, their instances of lucid dreams may be infrequent.  A lucid dream occurs when you are aware that you are dreaming and you continue dreaming with this awareness, such that you are in complete control of all that occurs in your dream.  Many of us have realized we are dreaming, which causes us to awaken.  With lucid dreaming, you are able to stay in the dream while maintaining your awareness. Lucid dreams can be very pleasant and also very useful.  It is like being “in The Matrix” and you can practice an important speech, try out a course of action, or just fly around eating ice cream! Whatever you choose to create!


Spiritual—Many people receive profound advice, comfort, and encouragement while in the dream state. These kind of dreams stand out from the others.  They can be life-changing and are usually remembered for the rest of one’s life.


Dreams can provide a rich source of psychological growth and spiritual support once you become familiar with the language of dreams and your personal dream symbols.  Knowing how to identify different types of dreams is the first step.  In the next post, I’ll cover some tips for decoding and interpreting your dreams!


© 2011 Darlene Kirtley